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Populouz is a boutique consulting firm, we specialize in maximizing organizational effectiveness

Populouz offers organizational effectiveness consulting to help your organization be the best it can be. With services delivering Human Resources excellence and technology adoption & change management, we can help you tackle the challenges of today and prepare for the innovations of tomorrow.

Human Resources & Training Consulting

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Populouz offers consulting services designed to maximize the effectiveness of your people

Populouz offers a wide array of consulting services in the human resources domain. Whether we are working directly with a Chief Human Resources Officer, or an HR department under the care of the operations division and a Chief Operating Officer, Populouz can deliver. We are happy to discuss how any of our services can improve the effectiveness of your organization by improving the effectiveness of your people. As part of any of these services, Populouz can provide a general contractor to deliver project management services to any of our clients.

Training & Workshops

Improve the professionalism and effectiveness of your teams with a Populouz workshop. Designed for novice and veteran professionals alike, all of our workshops are designed for impact, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Custom Training Solutions

Grow your organization’s skills-base with custom training solutions aligned to what your team needs to do on the job. We identify the on-the-job activities that produce value and then design training that ultimately aligns with your bottom line.

Organizational Communications

Create clarity in your organization so people spend more time solving problems and less time scrambling for information. Populouz can clear the fuzzy line between training and organizational communications in multiple ways.

HR Process Improvement

Retain your best talent and nurture your rising stars by optimizing your approach to HR. Cut recruiting costs and the avoid the chaos of turn over by ensuring that your most valuable resource is receiving the time and attention they deserve.

Training Systems Design

Streamline and modernize your training strategy and let Populouz help you do so in a way that drives results at the bottom-line. Drive effectiveness across the entire organization by reducing your training costs, streamlining content creation, and improve employee performance in measurable ways.

Building Diverse Organizations

Strengthen your organization through building and sustaining a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Populouz can produce a diversity strategy which  attracts and retains talent while guiding you in building a positive organizational culture.

Technology & Process Consulting


Populouz offers technology and process consulting to help our clients adapt to the innovations we introduce

Change is a part of life, but it’s one of the most difficult to manage. Populouz is sensitive to the fact that the work we requires change at multiple levels of the organization. We weave change management best practices into the work we do so that not only will your organization understand the big picture, but each individual touched by the change will know the who, what, when, where, how, and why of your organizational effectiveness initiatives.

Technology Advising

Modernize your organization by making sure your employees aren’t working with outdated tech that’s only slowing them down and preventing innovation. Populouz can help you identify and specify the technology that will best help your employees get the job done.

Technology Adoption

Capitalize on your investment in the latest tools and technology with a planned roll-out. Populouz can help you build awareness, engagement, and training utilization with your latest modernization effort so you don’t fall prey to the myth of, “Build it and they will come.”

Business Process Improvement

Optimize your workflows. Populouz can help your team map your current process, identify opportunities to capture your customers, and capitalize on your team’s expertise. Through structured facilitation and hard work Populouz can reduce costs and cycle time, while improving customer satisfaction.

Program Evaluation & Monitoring

Drive continuous process improvement with evaluation & monitoring tools that deliver insights and not just data. Populouz uses the ROI methodology for return-on-investment analysis and adheres to the reporting standards advocated by the Center for Talent reporting that's been adapted by nationally recognized organizations.

G Suite Implementations

Innovate with a cost effective collaboration platform by way of Google’s G Suite. We can implement and train your teams on how to leverage all G Suite tools. We can also help you with claiming your Google Business profile, selecting add-on services with native G Suite Integrations, and assist with data migrations using Google’s data migration tools.